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DataMplant Ltd.
was found in 1998. The company has two offices in towns of Sliven and Yambol.

In the general annual rating of ComputerWorld IT TOP 100 firms in Bulgaria, DataMplant hold always place between the first 100 during the period 1999 2002. In 1999 DataMplant was the company with biggest grow 32 times! In 2001 and 2002 DataMplant is the most effective software company in Bulgaria, in 2001 holds 9-th place for export of software and 19-th place for development.

The main activities of the company are in the directions:
•  Distribution (more...);
•  Development (more...);
•  Own application software (more...);
•  Consulting, training, support (more...)

DataMplant is looking for serious international partner for long term period cooperation in the fields of :

1. Distribution in Bulgaria (including support, training);
2. Development (including Outsourcing);
3. Development of totally new projects;

The form of cooperation can be contract for cooperation, representation, Joint Venture or others. Contact us

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